The Girl with the Red Headband

Never once did we ever have a president as this one, being so indecisive and passive and not standing behind our strongest, if not even only one ally in the Middle East. 


Have you noticed that when a slim girl dates a big guy, he’s seen and called a teddy bear by friends 

But when a big girl dates a slim guy, she’s called a whale, truck, “why would you do that to yourself man”?

It’s almost as if people are especially fatphobic towards women 

And they make it seem like we live in a sexist and misogynistic society

Hmm. Weird. 

It might be weird but I’ve only heard it the other way around. People talk about fit guys dating fat girls, saying stuff like ” oh apparently there are still real men out there” and “maybe she has a cool personality” but if a skinny girl dates fat guy everyone either assume that he is really rich or she is stupid to date him.
Stop making everything about women, we CANNOT always be portrayed as victims.

(via spirited-fatcat)

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The amount of delusion in the fat acceptance tags is amazing.


Being sick is not cute. Willfully damaging your organs is not cute. Please stop trying to force us into believing that you’re healthy. You’re not and the lies are getting ridiculous.

So according to TITP...


+ Any form of disagreement or debate is ‘derailment’ and OPPRESSION.

+ Anyone who cares about, or even mentions, the health of others is a HEALTHIST TROLL.

+ In fact anyone who comments who doesn’t agree with TITP is a TROLL.

+ Personal anecdotes = empirical findings.

+ All scientific data…

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Just had to say it.
Anonymous: U fucking bitch,Ya gonna judge me just cus I'm fat? I love maself just the way I am, I am beautiful the way God made me!

And you gonna judge me just because I don’t find fat people attractive? That’s a interesting way to look at it, you hypocrite!

Beside, God didn’t make you fat, you made yourself fat by not eating right and consuming more calories than you burn. And I never said you shouldn’t love yourself, although if you actually did love yourself, you would’ve tried to look your best and take better care of your body, instead of letting it go

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no comment needed.
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