The Girl with the Red Headband

The president is tired of your shit America

And we are tired of his! 

what a compelling argument

If anyone actually believes any of these, please unfollow me!
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Earn your “thin privilege” by losing weight.

Don’t you just love it when people tell you to “educate yourself” yet they still talk about “thin privilege”? Since when being “thin” is automatically a privilege? Some people work for it, so don’t just call it “privilege”. I’m just tired of reading stupid, hateful comments about how “thin girls have it easier” How about ya’ll try to watch what you eat and exercise some more, and tell me how easy exactly it is?

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Sometimes it's better to shut your mouth, instead of making a fool of yourself!
  • Reporter: How do you think we should deal with ISIS?
  • Random woman: We should spread love :)
  • Reporter: So you gonna love the terrorists ?
  • Random woman: No! OF course I will not
  • Reporter: How are you going to show them love then?
  • Random woman: I will not!
  • Reporter: ...?
  • Random woman: I really don't know how to answer your question
Get To Know Me

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Name: Nah, maybe some other time

Birthday: 5 Kislev , 5754, and yes I know, I’m almost ancient :P lol

Favorite color: Maroon and White

Lucky number: Lucky not, but favorite is 8 

Height: 5’2

Talents: .Drawing and Painting, I also played the piano for about 16 years

Last dream you remember: I don’t dream, and even when I do, I barely remember anything

Can you juggle: A bit :P 

Art/Sports/Both: I like both, although lately I haven’t got enough time for sports, apart from gym and morning workouts, but it’s also hard to play any sports with a prosthetic knee cap :/ 

Do you like writing: No, I can’t write, I have dyslexia, but thanks to the spellcheck on here, I don’t seem this bad 

Do you like dancing: I like slow dancing, or using my kinect when I’m alone 

Do you like singing: Yeah, sometimes


Dream vacation: I wanna visit Australia, cuz that’s probably the only place that is still unmarked on my Bucket List 

Dream guy/Gal: He is more than just a dream, he is mine!!! Although I do post a lot of Sebastian Stan pictures and I do find him sexy and attractive, I do have someone better in my life :P

Dream wedding: Something small and simple, venue decorated by me, only immediate family and close friends invited 

Dream pet: I can’t say I dislike animals, I really like cats and dogs, as long as they are not in my house, cuz I’m a bit of a clean freak and hair and scratches on the furnitures are not something I would be able to get use to 

Dream job: Something that gives me freedom 


Favorite song: “Hear me” and “Bleeding out” by Imagine Dragons 

Favorite albums: Don’t have one, since I’m too picky about stuff and there is not a single album in which I like all songs 

Last song you heard on the radio: Rude-Magic! (I did enjoy the song the first 500 times I heard it, but now it’s kind of getting on my nerves)

Least favorite song: Anything by Bieber, and the Disney crap that keeps coming about

Least favorite album: Don’t know, same as last question I guess

Least favorite artist: Justin Bieber,Miley and pretty much all of those new generation artists that came out of Disney and similar places. 


Guys/Girls/Both: Guys

Hair color: Since I do not know if it is “what hair color I like” or “What hair color I have” - I have brown, but I do like blond guys

Eye color: Mine are hazel and I love them, but I like guys with blue eyes 

Humorous/Serious:Humorous like 99.99% of the time 

Taller/Shorter: Taller, cuz I’m short 

Biggest turn-off: Bad hygiene habits, or no  hygiene habits at all. I just can’t stand dirty hair, bad smell, yesterday’s (possibly) stained clothes

Biggest turn-on: I like big, strong arms, and basically every single part of my boyfriend











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