The Girl with the Red Headband
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Just a few questions:
Is she really proud that she said this?
Is she aware of what a fucking psycho she looks like?
Are her parents proud they created what appears to be a college student that is this stupid?
Why do feminists feel the need to trivialize rape to a point that it’s meaningless now?
When women leer at men is that rape?
Why does stuff like this exist but then feminists don’t believe men are terrified of being falsely accused of rape when this type of thing here is exactly why men are terrified of being accused of rape…
The thin privilege
  • Ok, I aknowledge that fat people are shamed for being fat, they often suffer discrimination. But if you had an ugly face you would be shamed for that as well. Where is ugly acceptance? Big ears acceptance? Big nose acceptance? Where is ugly people representation in fashion magazines?
  • Well, there are things that are attractice and things that are not. Deal with it.
  • Ok, if you are fat nobody is obligated to accomodate you or find you attractive. However, I do agree that people should try to be tolerant.
  • Life is unfair. Grow up and deal with it.

I can’t be the only one, who needs a constant reminder, that Sebastian Stan is real. I mean just look at him- PURE PERFECTION!!!!

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Political ANIMALS
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Thanks happilyinlovewith1d

Put your iPod (music player) on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that appear. Then tag 10 more people

1. She Ain’t You- New Hollow

2. One of the Brightest Stars- James Blunt

3. Signs- Bloc Party

4. Spirit Horse- Sea Wolf

5. SAIL- Awolnation

6. If Time is All I Have- James Blunt

7. Stripper- Soho Dolls

8. Hear Me- Imagine Dragons

9. Born to Die- Lana del Rey

10. Take on Me- A-ha


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10 random things about me

1. I’m short
2. I live in the south but I don’t have southern accent
3. I speak 3 languages
4. I have dyslexia
5. I love traveling
6. I spent 3 years of my childhood in Israel
7. I listen to strange music, most of it I heard in different tv shows.
8. I’m afraid of roller coasters, but don’t have problem with skydiving
9. I don’t like cities I prefer the suburbs
10. I like making new friends so don’t be afraid to message me :)

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Anonymous: The reason tumblr asks if you're okay if you go in the thinspo tag is because people with eating disorders go on that tag to stay motivated to loose weight

That makes sense I guess, but it doesn’t do the same when I open the “fatspo” tag…

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